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Name: Juan Cruz Botet / Alan Julian Rodrigues
Pokerstars: psmash / Alan_WR
GGpoker: Tom_Cruise / Alan_WR
888: Kingmash94
Bodog: JuanKingC94
Pokerking: KingMash94
Address: Argentina / Buenos Aires
Email: / / /
Discord: juancito_00 / Alan89#2257
Facebook: /


We have strong reason to believe that these 2 people are connected and worked together to defraud us, which is why we're posting them together.

We started working with Juan Cruz Botet on September 20, 2023. Upon recent review we realized that Juan fabricated all of the documents, screenshots and hand histories over the last 2 months. Which we unfortunately missed.

We attempted to start working with Alan Julian Rodrigues on October 13, 2023. As part of the onboarding process we received documentation that was clearly altered and photoshopped.

The reason we think that Juan Cruz Botet and Alan Julian Rodrigues are connected is that Juan Cruz Botet sent funds to Alan Julian Rodrigues (we were able to verify this via a 3rd party).

Juan Cruz Botet owes us $5,625.42

We would strongly discourage anyone from working with either of them as they are likely to cheat and scam you.</p><p>[Image: cache.php?]</p><p>[Image: cache.php?]<br></p>
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Originally Posted by valamichill
Name: Bjorn Raake
Country: Malta
Skype / Discord: donson91#9979 (id: 475766781454319636)
Poker ID: donson91 ( Winamax )

he stole the bankroll + the loan, he played higher stakes without permission so he was kicked, but disappeared instantly
Can be removed, was paid in full.
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Name: Martin Leonardo Sebastian Rodriguez
Pokerstars: Omahabest
GGpoker: Shadowkiller07
Party: Shadowkiller
WPN: Shadowkiller07
Address: Buenos Aires / Argentina
Discord: shadowkiller77

We started working with Martin Leonardo Sebastian Rodriguez on September 11, 2023.

On November 1, 2023 Martin Leonardo Sebastian Rodriguez left our private players' server, blocked us on discord and ignored all attempts at communicating with him.

Martin Leonardo Sebastian Rodriguez stole the funds that were in his accounts.

Martin Leonardo Sebastian Rodriguez owes us $2.5k</p><p>[Image: cache.php?]<br></p><p><br></p>
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Name: Shawn Herald
Global Poker: GameOver.
WPN: GameOver.
Address: Stephentown, NY/United States
Discord: gameover._27175

On October 27, we signed an exclusive contract with Shawn Herald that covered ALL his poker play and sent him funds on October 31.

Later on October 31st Shawn Herald registered a tournament and won $797 on November 1st. A few days later he asked us for a reload as he'd lost the initial transfer.

Upon reviewing his playing history we discovered that he'd won this $797 and asked why he didn't claim a profit chop. He claimed that he had played the tournament with a ticket that was still in his account before he signed the contract with us and as a result he would not share the winnings.

We asked him to return the initial transfer - he claimed that this was an unexpected expense and said he would do so on November 17 as he only had $72 in his account. We asked him to send the $72 and the remainder on November 17.

Shawn Herald failed to send the $72 or anything on November 17. However in that timeframe he did manage to deposit more funds onto a poker site and lose them.

Shawn Herald owes us $500

We strongly discourage anyone from working or trusting Shawn Herald from Stephentown, NY.</p><p>[Image: cache.php?]<br></p>