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Ross Gerrard
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Name: Ross Gerrard

Address: UK (Scotland)

Email: unknown

PokerStats ID: VGGRO

Skype: live:rossgerrard16

Scam Ammount: $4075

Details: We signed Ross on a staking deal with a contract lasting 18 months which we had a written agreement on 25.01.2021. Ross was a model professional for the entire deal following up to the last week. He never caused us any issues, was always putting in the volume required, never done anything dodgy financially, etc., and followed the game selection, which was expected of him. We as an organization even did some posts on socials regarding his success with us and his professionalism. This all changed very abruptly at the beginning of September. The last we heard from Ross was 23.08.2021, but he continued grinding until 02.09.2021. In the evening on 02.09.2021, he suddenly locked most of his screennames on Sharkscope (his Ipoker, GG, and Party graphs). When this happened we tried to contact him via all methods available (Discord, Skype, Phone number (both call and text message)), but we got no reply anywhere. Also to add to this on 04.09.2021, in the evening, he locked his 888 account too. This happens instantly when you register a game under Restricted in the 888 lobby. I did manage to find some of his locked screennames on Poker Pro Labs and it seems like he is still playing tournaments, just ghosting us. Ross has $4075 outstanding makeup and $2790 from it is in the form of money, that we sent him, on his playing accounts and 10 months remaining on his staking contract with us. Hope this post is helpful to future backers / employers or people who are considering joining a financial venture with Ross Gerrard.

[Image: MGN_1280x720_90731C00-MEZOS1-e1624558370603.jpg]



Phone Number: +7525014572

Facebook / Social Media : unknown

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