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Ermin Zukic or Ermine Zukić
Are you Ermin Zukic or Ermine Zukić? PAY YOUR DEBT HERE!
Name:: Ermin Zukic or Ermine Zukić

Address: Celje Slovenia


PokerStats ID: Pekoce

Skype: live:.cid.face9e583a003e21

Scam Ammount: $1790

Details: read below

: [Image: ErmineZukic.jpg]

: [Image: ErmineZukic2.png]


Phone Number: +38670180305

Facebook / Social Media : coming soon

More Details: We signed Ermin on a staking deal with a contract lasting 18 months which we had a written agreement on, on 07.10.2021. Ermin started at the lowest stakes and we helped him to move from playing $3 average buyin sit'n'goes to playing $10ABI tournaments in a short period of time. He struggled initially and had issues with the schedule so we did everything so we can accomodate his concerns and change it up so that he is happy.

Last we heard from Ermin in our business chats was approximately 3 weeks ago and he hasn't played a full session since, just a sporadic game here and there. He didn't show up to his weekly meeting or respond to our messages. We tried reaching out on Skype / Discord / Phone / Facebook and Twitter and his response was ghosting (not even seeing the messages) and shortly after deleting me from his friendlist.
Ermin is in $1790 makeup and has about $1500 of our money on his accounts and wallets at the point of his disappearance. I've eventually managed to reach him on Facebook, (6 days ago) where he even deleted me and he gave some bullshit excuse about his brother being at fault for what happened without explaining anything and saying he is gonna contact us on Skype on the next day so we can settle some monthly repayment.
We heard nothing from him again even tho I did another round of trying to reach him via different methods and he is ghosting us again.

I can confirm as somebody who worked with Ermin closely that he shouldn't be trusted with money and that his integrity is low, I hope any interested party finds this post useful.