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Davids Dainis
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Name:: Davids Dainis

Address: Lithuania


PokerStats ID: PlayingRandomly or RaveYou,youkillke339, GiveMeYourGo, Dallas171, SmokenS

Skype: live:playingrandomly or QoodBeep

Scam Ammount: Over $14000

Details: Changing username, multiple scams

: [Image: DavidsDainis2.jpg]

: [Image: DavidsDainis.jpg]


Phone Number: coming soon

Facebook / Social Media : coming soon

More Details: Name: Davids Dainis skype: qoodbeep PokerStars nick: RaveYou Other PS nicks of his friends or other accounts he has played with (could be used to apply to other stakes): youkillke339, GiveMeYourGo, Dallas171, SmokenS Summary: cashouted without approval, sent money to his or friends accounts, so he could play under an account which is not staked, lied about the bankroll, photoshopped cashier's screenshots scammed two stables - one for $10k, other for $1.3k A thread about him (in Latvian):

Name = Davids Dainis Skype Name = QoodBeep Screenname = RaveYou Other Screennames = youkillke339, GiveMeYourGo, Dallas171, SmokenS Got into contact with this guy through a mutual friend, started a small stake for 3.50r's 180s then saw all the bad feedback about him (bankroll of $500 was already sent). He told me that everything was sorted out and that I could speak with his old backers (Kaspars & Collin Moshman) so he sent me their contacts through skype. Turns out he was impersonating both those people by using multi skype softaware as Collin gave him a glowing reference and so did this other guy Kaspars. I kept asking for the bankroll back he kept saying 'Will send back soon just give me some time'. Never sent it back and has since removed me from skype and blocked his facebook. Class A scumbag avoid at all costs.