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Max Thomas Waterhouse
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Name:: Max Thomas Waterhouse

Address: Southbank Street, Leek, Staffordshire


PokerStats ID: Mythic Max


Scam Ammount: $23860

Details: Max Thomas Waterhouse joined our group 6/30/22. Everything was great in the beginning. Max started the stake on a heater, he was active in chats, and it seemed he was on his way to good things. Fast forward to the middle of 2023. Max accrued some makeup and he started to become less active with poker and the group. We talked with him numerous times and we were working towards a better direction going into 2024. Max relocated to Thailand close to a friend of the stable in early 2024. Our friend helped Max get set up, introduced him to his network, and we thought things were headed in a better direction. Everything was fine until early March. Max had been good about communicating and then disappeared randomly for a few days. Our friend was worried about him and desperately tried to reach out to make sure everything was ok. Max reached back after a few days saying he had some issues. Max fell out of contact shortly after and we’ve yet to hear from him. He had $5,331.96 in his poker accounts when he last updated 3/9/24. He owes us a total of $23,860.60 between that amount and the makeup he accrued. I don’t think Max is a malicious person, but he clearly has some issues and stole our money. He isn’t to be trusted. We will update if Max reaches out to us and resolves this issue.

: [Image: Max_W_ID_A.jpg]

: [Image: MW1.jpg]

: [Image: MW2.jpg]

: [Image: MW3.jpg]

: [Image: MW4.jpg]

: [Image: MW5.jpg]

: [Image: MaxPic.jpg]

Phone Number:

Facebook / Social Media :

More Details: Discord: MaxW95#2190
ACR: MaxTheMyth
GG: Max The Myth
Party: Nucking Fit

Brother: Jordan Waterhouse